10084円 Complete Motown Singles 8: 1968 ミュージック ソウル・RB クラシックソウル 10084円 Complete Motown Singles 8: 1968 ミュージック ソウル・RB クラシックソウル Complete 定番から日本未入荷 Motown Singles 1968 8: 10084円,1968,8:,Complete,hernan-cortes.com,/congruistic1483930.html,Motown,ミュージック , ソウル・RB , クラシックソウル,Singles Complete 定番から日本未入荷 Motown Singles 1968 8: 10084円,1968,8:,Complete,hernan-cortes.com,/congruistic1483930.html,Motown,ミュージック , ソウル・RB , クラシックソウル,Singles

Complete 定番から日本未入荷 モデル着用&注目アイテム Motown Singles 1968 8:

Complete Motown Singles 8: 1968


Complete Motown Singles 8: 1968


Product Description

2007 six CD installment in this award-winning, continuing series that swings into 1968. Musically, Motown courts controversy with 'Love Child' and 'Cloud Nine', pairs up its superstar acts, and releases another 'Grapevine'. Those are just a few of the highlights on this set, which includes 144 tracks representing every A- and B-side of every Motown single, plus the stories behind every track, along with critical and personal essays providing overviews of the volatile era. The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 8: 1968 documents the pairing of Diana Ross and the Supremes with the new Temptations who sport a new lead singer, Dennis Edwards. They hit big with the duet 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me'. They were then seen on TCB, a groundbreaking, prime-time program that was Motown's first-ever television co-production and the highest-rated prime-time special of that year.

Complete Motown Singles 8: 1968






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    「2021-2022 日本カー・オブ・ザ・イヤー」ノミネート車決定!


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